CBaum Wears Her Lucky Glitter Glasses To Her Art Shows

About The Artsit

I started creating art when I was 9 years old. I would spend all my time drawing things in my sketchpad.

When I was 16 years old I started experimenting with paint. Water color first doing mainly paintings of models. From there I progressed onto oil paints and acrylic paints.

At 21 years old from South Carolina, I moved to California. I Graduated - Art Instruction Schools, College Certificate of Completion. Graduated ROP graphic art and have study many artists.

Today I like to create abstract art and Hollywood stars abstract as it’s a challenge and entertaining for me. But I have to be careful because I could mess it up. Sometimes it takes 1-2 months to create one.

My abstract art is combined with graphic art and I paint it on canvas and add glitter, metallic paint, florescent paint, rhinestones etc. I sell my paintings and graphic art with unique color styles hand signed and numbered.

My work has featured in magazines, books, art galleries and around the world. I have sold over 300 works.

I like to wear my lucky glitter glasses to all my art shows. I bought them in Hollywood when I first came to California at 21. I have a dream and have created many styles of art for many years.

But in 2012, I started showing my new style of art to famous art galleries. They loved my Abstract Hollywood Pop Art Paintings, Wow! They started taking my paintings like hot cakes, bring it down! I was happy!!

No one has seen my new abstract stars paintings yet, It's my secrete that I have been painting for two years to have this art show. Plus I will be giving away one of my Abstract Hollywood Stars Paintings as a prize with FREE Raffle tickets at the door, you could win!!

The art show was a blast! Now I'm going to have Funny Farm art show in April 2018!