Myrtle Beach Hollywood Abstract.. Must See It!!

Visit CBaum's Art Studio... See Celebrities Abstract

We are proud to announce CBAUM'S one of a kind art!

Picasso Meets Pop Artist CBaum

CBaum's Art Gallery Studio open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 5 PM .
Lay Eyes on celebrities abstract Pop Art. Something spectacular to see!

Stop by CBaums art studio and see abstract stars (LARGE) 30x40 Paintings

Must See All CBaum's Paintings!
Artist paints many styles of art.

CBaum Myrtle Beach Grand Opening: All paintings on sale!

Beautiful, One of a Kind Unique Style Paintings

Must See Studio, Meet The Artist..

Artist is from South Carolina, Myrtle Beach

If your looking for unique rare art at CBaum's art studio you will find many diffrent
styles of her art, abstract celebrities, word art paintings, beach paintings.

CBaum’s abstract celebrities are a mixture of Picasso and Andy Warhol combined. Her pop art
style bold lines and bright colors would make way for different color screams for
beach towels, rugs, lamps, coffee mugs, clothes and prints.

CBaum's New Style - Words in Art

The artist likes to create her "Words in Art." It's a new style CBaum made up and she calls
it "Exploded Art." Her poems or words in the art, she created this style in 2020. She sells
limited edition, hand signed canvas prints at her art studio.