Myrtle Beach Hollywood Abstract.. Must See It!!

Traveling the world?

Visit CBaum's Art Studio Gallery... See Celebrities Abstract

We are proud to announce CBAUM'S one of a kind art!

Picasso Meets Pop Artist CBaum

CBaum's Art Studio Gallery open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 5 PM .
Lay Eyes on celebrities abstract pop cubism. CBaum’s celebrity paintings
are a mixture of Picasso and Andy Warhol combined into CBaum's works.

CBaum Art Studio Gallery, 1208 Benna Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC

At her art studio gallery the artist likes to sell artist
all styles of art along with her celebrity paintings.

CBaum works at her studio full time. If you would like to visit her art

gallery click here for more info.

Are You An Artist?
CBaum sells artists art at her studio

Now accepting artist art and art collectors of artist paintings submit 3 images
of your art to CBaum Art Studio Gallery. Visit studio website page to
read about CBaum's studio wall space and how to submit your art click here.

"Artist supporting artist, I need your art, if you build it they will come."

We also accept table art & sculptures

Visit CBaum Art Studio Gallery

If your looking for unique art, original and limited edition at CBaum's Art Studio
Gallery you'll find many diffrent styles of CBaum's paintings and artist.

Easy to shop prices on all art work. The gallery is open 11 AM - 5 PM, 7 Days Week.
Please wear mask and call for appointment as there is a limit amount of people to
enter CBaum's Art Studio Gallery. CBaum does have art show parties but only
certain amount of people are invited. Please ask for card at the gallery so we can
email you an invitation. Click here for more info about gallery.

CBaum's New Style - Expressive Art

The artist likes to create her "Words in Art." It's a new style CBaum made up and she calls
it "Expressive Art." Her poems or words in the art, she created this style in 2020. She sells
limited edition, hand signed canvas prints.