CBaum Wears Her Lucky Glitter Glasses To Her Art Shows

About The Artist

CBaum artist, Cynthia Baum, maiden name Cynthia Bechtler born in York, South Carolina Feb 2, 1965. Grew up and raised in Myrtle Beach by her mother Janet Stroud who worked as maid cleaning vacation homes in Myrtle Beach, S.C. CBaum’s father James Bechtler worked as a vending machine technician, he committed suicide on Christmas Eve when CBaum was 5 years old.

After the death of her father CBaum’s mother was committed to mental hospital. CBaum and her two sisters Regina Ward and Kimberly Bechtler lived at separate foster homes 1 year and later came home to be with their mother. The father’s death was tragic for all and CBaum became withdrawn and spent all her time drawing in her sketch pad. Drawing for CBaum was away to get her mother’s attention when she would visit CBaum at the boarding school.

At 16 years old CBaum started experimenting with paint. Water color first, mainly doing still life paintings of models and the beach. From there she progressed onto oil paints and acrylic paints.

CBaum 20 year’s old open to the future art world, moved to Anaheim, California in 1986. Had a Hollywood dream, later got married had two son’s Geoffrey Baum 3rd, Jason Baum and CBaum devoiced at 39. Worked as a vacation maid and painted in her spare time.

CBaum Graduated - Art Instruction Schools, College Certificate of Completion. Graduated ROP graphic art California, have study many artists and won art competitions. Her work has featured in magazines, books, art galleries and around the world. Sold over 1000’s of paintings from 1986-2016 in California. CBaum known for her abstract celebrity paintings 2009. Michael Jackson family has second Michael Jackson abstract pop art painting. You can see the first painting at CBaum’s art studio her private collection, now on sale.

The artist likes to create abstract art, mostly of famous people, as it’s a challenge and entertaining for the artist. But she has to be careful because she could mess it up and not look like the person.

CBaum’s celebrity paintings are a mixture of Picasso and Andy Warhol combined. The artist calls her style abstract pop art, bold lines and bright colors. You can find CBaum’s art on products with different color screams for beach towels, rugs, lamps, coffee mugs, and clothes on many websites.

After CBaum’s mother died in 2015 CBaum in California 30 years got sick with a horrific headache pain and bed rested. The artist is bipolar, schizophrenic and ADD and it got server after the death of her mother. CBaum’s sister Regina went to California to visit CBaum’s art studio and saw that her sister was very sick and laying in bed. She sold all CBaum’s stuff and flew CBaum and all her paintings back to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach in 2015. Where CBaum stayed with her sister for two years bed rested and later got better with bipolar medication and attending AA meetings.

After the death of CBaum’s mother the artist did not create abstract celebrities for two years. Later she would only paint Myrtle Beach little ocean scenes and beach signs. In 2017 CBaum moved to her art studio condo down on the beach where she lives and sells her paintings.

Today CBaum still paints her abstract celebrities, among her many styles of art. Most artist paint the same style their whole life. But CBaum struggles with her bipolar diffrent moods of painting styles and on some days she can't get out of the bed very depressed and don't paint. To even throwing her paintings in the trash or giving them away for free. Other days she is happy, loves to talk and creates her art. When visiting CBaum’s studio you don’t know what you’re going find it’s like hidden treasure.

If you would like to see CBaum’s art studio, you can text her for appointment (843) 425-4877 and if your not in Myrtle Beach out of state you can buy CBaum's art online her website. The artist ships the art and takes 2 weeks for delivery.