Join Our Network Group

What we do gather to network business in our community at a different
restaurant once a month 11:30 AM. All types of business welcome.

Making new friends and business referral Myrtle Beach network
meet every second Thursday of the Month. Details have lunch or a
drink. Talk about your business. Make new friends. Bring business
cards. Please RSVP so that we can let the restaurant know how
many to expect.

Each person will talk 5-10 minutes around the table to introduce their
business, self and let everyone know new things about their business
or special events happening.

Help our community please feel free to suggest something to
bring awareness how to help our community better.

What Members are Saying About Our Community

  • We need more bus benches with over head coverings so people with strollers or children not standing in the rain or mud waiting for bus.
  • Sidewalks bothsides street near busy stores and around community thats near busy stores for motorized wheelchairs and people with baby strollers.
  • Fresh paint lines on streets and parking so don’t look run down.
  • Do something about HOA rules fees. It’s a tourist town people should be able to have golf cart on property or do vacation business if they own their place.
  • Alcohol delivery should have it. We are in a tourist town. Afraid someone will be drunk when delivering we'll we deliver food to people drinking in their home or parties.

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