Join Our Network Group

What we do gather to
network business in our
community at a different
restaurant once a month

11:30 AM. Join us.

Make new friends and
share your business. Myrtle
Beach network meets every
2nd Thursday of the

Details have lunch
or a drink. Talk about your
business. Make new
friends. Bring business

Each person will talk 5-10
minutes around the table
to introduce their business or self or let everyone know
about events happening.

Help our community
please feel free to
suggest something
to bring awareness of how
we can help our community
for a better future.

What Members are Saying About Our Community

* Would love to have more
bus benches with over
head coverings so people
with strollers or children
not standing in the rain
or mud waiting for bus.

* Sidewalks bothsides of
the street near shopping
stores and around the
community that has grocery
store for motorized
wheelchairs and people
with strollers.

* Fresh paint lines on streets
and parking areas so don't
look run down.

* It's a tourist town people
should be able to rent
there place as vacation
business if they own it.

* Alcohol & cigarette home
delivery need it. Other
states have it.

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